Commercial Corporate Photography


We photograph a very wide range of products from small table top thru large trucks and boats. Our studio has built a strong reputation for creativity and capability in working with manufacturers and agencies. Our expertise in lighting and camera work is evident in the catalogs, brochures, and the websites our work is reproduced. If you have a product and are in need of a talented studio to bring it to life, look no further than Scott Bourdon Studios.

Service Providers

A large number of our clients provide services and need good photography to showcase their talents. Drawing on our strengths of working with people, we are skilled at understanding the value your company provides and communicating it to your customers.


Our studio provides corporate portraiture work in studio and on location. Whether the images are of a single person for a corporate announcement to large numbers of individuals and executive groups, we have the experience to take care of business.


We have traveled near and far for a variety of industrial clients. Working in some rather “hot spots,” we have developed some specialized techniques for creating artful images in busy, fast moving environments.


Photographing corporate events or natural action shots for annual reports and magazine articles are an interesting part of our work. We have been personally assigned to photograph the likes of Warren Buffet and Jack Welch all the way down to small business people starting up for the first time. When natural fast moving shots with a journalistic flare are needed, we can deliver.


We have photographed automotive projects for Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Astin Martin and Porshe. We have also had the pleasure of photographing the Tom Mittler collection of European sports cars for collectible publications. From large commercial buses in our studio to managing isolated locations in the desert of Arizona, we can offer a level of automotive experience and creativity second to none.

Recreational Vehicles

A wide range of RV manufacturers call on us to produce photography used in all types of sales literature, trade shows and the web. From small portable tents to Class A motor homes, we have the tricks it takes to pull of some challenging shoots. It is all about people and what the RV experience provides.


From large historic renovations to new construction, we offer some of the finest architectural work anywhere. Our clients vary from large corporations and municipalities to small custom builders wanting to show off their work in the best light. If you have an architectural project, give us a call and see what we can offer you from still to panoramic to virtual reality.


Need a wide angle shot? We use the latest in panoramic equipment that allows us to shoot high-resolution panoramic images if interiors, exteriors and various landscapes. If you need a pro that can shoot beautiful panoramic images, it is no stretch for us.

Virtual Tours

360 degree-immersive images are an amazing tool for making your viewer feel like they are actually in an environment. The ability to look completely around left to right as well as up and down allows complete viewing without limitation. Being photographers and using lighting and digital techniques allows us to offer "virtuals" that are better lit, sharper and far more effective than your average realtor's 360. If you have a space to show off, look no further than Scott Bourdon Studios.

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Never go on a food shoot without eating! This type of work is challenging and rewarding, as the elements of light and drama need to come together like a fine recipe. We work in our studio as well as on location to create some delicious images.

Digital Retouching / Illustrations

As we shoot digital, we think digital from start to finish. When we are hired to create a digital effect, we plan our actions at all stages of production so that we can build an image that does not exist otherwise. We create some very dramatic and complex effects as well as do simple digital clean up jobs on products and people. If your project needs digital skills and knowledge to pull it off, we stand ready to deliver.

Product Animations

If you have a product that involves movement, consider hiring us to animate it for the Web. By use of multi-frame capture, we can take your product and spin it, open it, and bring it to life. Animations can run automatically or be controlled by the user’s mouse. Moving products deserve more than still images at times. Give us a call and see what we can offer you.

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High Definition capture all the way down to iPod formatted movies on the web, we offer video production services that are creative and powerful.

We have worked with manufacturers and non-profits with a wide array of subjects to create video that moves people. Give us a call to see if our services might be a good fit for your project.

Digital Presentations

We provide creative digital presentations for trade shows, Kiosks and even iPods. Merging video, stills, voice, sounds and music into a dramatic presentation makes for a portable yet powerful tool.

We can shoot video and stills in high definition or work with your existing files to create a powerful presentation.

Legal Evidence Photography and Video

If you are involved in a lawsuit and need images or video to support your case, give us a call. We are very experienced at photographing victims, accident scenes or any other aspect of your case. We can produce stills, shoot videos, and also offer 360-degree immersive images to demonstrate an environment more clearly. We produce videos of depositions as well as assist attorneys in combining a variety of different media types into powerful presentations.

Photo Mosaic

Building one image from thousands of smaller images is a creative way to engage viewers and bring meaning to an image. From trade show murals to corporate offices, to the cover of a magazine, photo mosaics are a wonderful option to bring your image to life. We can create a library of images to work from or we can work from images you supply. Imagine taking a large number of photos from throughout a company’s history and building a mural of the new corporate headquarters out of the images! Looking close at the details you could see all of the stages and people that made your company what it is.

The possibilities are endless. If you are interested in creating a photo mosaic, give us a call today.

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own baseball game!

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Studio Rental

Our studio offers a great location to produce photography or video. Numerous firms from all across the country have rented our studio and found it to be one of the most capable and enjoyable spots to produce a print ad or commercial. We can also help with coordination of other services to make your production smooth and easy on you and your clients.

Stock Images

Stock photography is here to stay. Unfortunately, so are the high prices and the fact that anybody else may use the same image. There are times that it makes sense to hire us to create an image that is as good or superior to a stock photo for a fraction of the cost. If you have found an image you can get from a stock source, let us bid on creating an image “just like it” that you can own the rights to. If it will be too costly or problematic to recreate an image, stick with your source. If not, consider Scott Bourdon Studios to create dramatic thematic images that will deliver your message.