IPix® 360 degree panoramic images allow you to immerse yourself in an environment with incredible realism. This technology also gives you the power of navigation within the environment by the simple use of your mouse. This is ideal for automotive, RV, architectural, industrial or any time you have a location you want others to experience. These files are great for web sites, email, or CD ROM presentation. We can offer solutions that combine text, graphics, and iPix® images in a virtual brochure format that can be distributed as a single plug-in free file by email. Continuous 360 degree panoramic still images can also be output for printed use.

If you have never viewed an iPix on your computer, you will be automatically prompted to install a small plug-in.  When prompted to install the iPix® ActiveX control click OK to proceed with the installation.  Once the plug-in has installed just click in the iPix® window to experience a  360 degree panorama using iPIX® technology.

You can pan around the view by simply clicking on the image and dragging left, right, or up and down. If you would like to zoom in or out, move the mouse up or down on the image without clicking until a plus or minus icon appears. Clicking your mouse on the plus or minus icon allows you to zoom in or out as needed.