QuickTime object movies are a great way to show off a product or object to others. By capturing objects multiple times at different angles, we can provide the viewer the ability to rotate a product and animate it. When a product has it’s own motion such as a door that opens, a section that slides in or out, etc., we can capture that too. Combining the ability to rotate a product and capture it’s own movement provides the most realism by letting the viewer spin and activate it’s motions with the simple use of their mouse. We have specialized object rigs that can capture smaller objects in 360-degree turns at multiple heights as well as other systems for rotating large items such as vehicles. People can even be used as object movies that can be controlled by the mouse as “virtual models.” These files are great for web sites, email, or CD ROM presentation. Samples of all of these types of object movies are available for download in our gallery section

You may click on any of the QuickTime® Virtual Reality files in the gallery to download them to your computer.
Once the file has finished downloading, you can click and drag your mouse on the image,
up and down or left and right, to see it in action.
Most computers come preloaded with QuickTime®, but if you are experiencing difficulty in displaying the
files, click here to get the latest version of the player free of charge.
If you are having difficulty viewing the Quicktime® Object Movies you may need to update your video card software.
There are known issues surrounding nVidia video cards that inhibit their ability to properly display these files. Updating
your video software to the latest version should resolve this problem. If you have an nVidia video card, please visit
www.nvidia.com to download their latest video card software.